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Sydney house prices skyrocket after every house gains a waterfront view

Real estate developers in Sydney have rejoiced today, as average house prices crossed the $10 million mark for the first time after every house in the city gained a waterfront view.

Real estate agents across the city have spent their day tirelessly updating every listing they manage to include this unexpected upgrade, as well as the new influx of indoor pools.

“This is the best day of my life,” said local investor Darcy, a 4th Generation landlord by trade, “what an amazing week for Sydney! Yesterday there was basically no helicopter traffic on the way to the yacht, and today my one bedroom apartments have jumped price by a million bucks! Everybody wins!”

Reports suggest that these upgrades may have been triggered by the major rainfall of the last 12 hours, while others suggest it is just the tears of young people who dream of owning a home one day.


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