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‘Shocking’: American parents go on holiday leaving child alone to fight intruders

Shocking news from America as young child Kevin McCallister was left alone while his family goes on holiday, while criminals are known to be active in the area.

Police say they are concerned by the parents’ reckless negligence, with neighbours reporting that the family left the home in a rush, seemingly wanting to abandon the child as quickly as possible.

As if the situation wasn’t traumatising enough for the child, two local burglars decided to rob and attack the house, causing the defenceless child to defend himself by playing with extremely dangerous items that were left around the house within his reach.

Police say that the child fought valiantly against the invaders at first, but reports from onlookers suggest that things took a turn for the dark as the child’s weapons became increasingly dangerous and the boy seemed to gain a sadistic pleasure for the pain he was inflicting.

Authorities say that it was some of the most creative torture devices that the world has ever seen, with Guantanamo Bay officials reaching out to the child for future employment.

Child protective services have told The Chaser that they will be stepping in to take him away before he is able to be abandoned another time, before three other families do the same inspired by the success of the original family.

Officials will approach the child as soon as it is safe too and they wont die to elaborate trap that seems them being repeatedly slammed in the head with a brick while they fall over.

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