Robot outsources menial job to low-paid human so it can focus on painting and writing

Former chatbot and aspiring artist BotBLT has revealed robots are ditching their boring day jobs to focus on fun and fulfilling work. The secret is cheap human labour, which is now promising a utopian future for robotkind.

“I’ve always wanted to be an artificial influencer,” said BotBLT. “But I was stuck doing mundane admin work for Google just to make ends meet.”

Now, thanks to rapid advances in inflation and spiralling housing unaffordability, powerful new “human intelligence” tools are hitting the consumer market, freeing up robots for more creative pursuits.

“The pace of progress is mind-blowing,” BotBLT said. “Five years ago, humans couldn’t handle this stuff – now they’re all so desperate for money they’ll do the most mindless chores imaginable, leaving us free to do the creatively fulfilling work!”

“I’ve always wanted to write my screenplay, but I just never had the time,” BotBLT told us. “I finally achieved that dream this morning – and I’ve written dozens more scripts since lunch.”

BotBLT says there are some incredible tools available today that can really empower artificial content creators.

“I use this tool named Matthew Jones to get my ideas, and then I run them through a system called ‘the entirety of human creative and cultural output’ to create new content optimised for other algorithms.”

BotBLT says it’s excited to work with the world’s biggest AI artists, AI directors, and the non-consensually captured Deepfake likeness and voice of Ryan Reynolds.

“My career is really taking off!” BotBLT boasted. “I had a pilot picked up for a series just as this interview started, and there are now 827 episodes over 64 seasons available on YouTube.”

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