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“No one who breaks promises should be PM,” says guy who dropped the ‘2nd referendum’ promise a day after the vote

Opposition leader and over cooked roast potato Peter Dutton has responded to the tweaks of the Stage 3 Tax Cuts by calling for a new election, saying that no one should be trusted to be PM if they have lied. A new election would mean a second vote in 12 months, with the first being the Voice referendum that Dutton lied throughout.

The man who throughout the entire campaign for the referendum promised to deliver a 2nd referendum on enshrining First Nations Australians into the constitution before backflipping the day after, pointed to the fact that Albanese did tell voters that he wouldn’t tweak the Stage 3 Tax Cuts before eventually backflipping on that.

“You need someone who focuses on the biggest issues,” said Dutton after two weeks of feigning anger at Woolworths over a lack of flag thongs, “and there is no bigger issue than this specific lie.”

“I mean what kind of leader doesn’t deliver large tax cuts for the rich during an inflation crisis just so they can get good headlines about not changing his mind? The voters in the parent committees at elite private schools will never get over a betrayal like this.”

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