Millennial ‘Yes’ voter blames self for result after only sharing 19 infographics to her Insta story in one day

Local yes voter Carly Smith has been left feeling devastated as she blames herself for dropping the ball on the referendum campaign by only sharing 19 infographics to her Instagram story in a 24 hour period.

The concerned voter was focused for months on ‘making a difference’ by sharing differing Canva slides that essentially just said the same thing as the other posts and different versions of the Yes logo, only to slip up just days before the final count.

“I owe everyone an apology,” she said, “I knew that it was my duty as a white woman to stand up and those graphics had been most work I have put into activism since I posted a black square in 2020.”

“I think it is incredibly important that we listen to First Nations voices, that is why I was posting everything from quotes that I said, some inspiring quotes by other white people and poll denial conspiracies. Oh and also occasionally some quotes from Indigenous activists, but of course only the ones I wanted to hear from.”

“The slides and videos I was sharing made a huge difference, bringing together everyone from Greens voters who were already voting Yes, to Labor-Left voters who were already voting Yes.”

Ms Smith explained that the reduced number of infographics on that dreadful day stemmed from a feeling that maybe just posting a bunch of infographics wasn’t enough and so she took time away from the graphics to lecture her Instagram following for not also posting over 20 infographics per day to their stories.

“I knew I had to say something and call anyone who isn’t putting in the effort to bring people together like I was ‘lazy entitled cowards’, but regrettably that story took the place of an infographic story. Clearly this is the only flaw in the Yes campaign, how could I be so careless?”

“It’s not all bad though, I can sleep at night knowing I was an ally who did all I can. Some have said praised me saying that I had a something they called a ‘white saviour complex’, but I say there was nothing complex about this debate.”

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