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Man now regretting whacky email address

[Edition 54] ADELAIDE, Friday: A 28-year-old Adelaide man is beginning to regret the humorous name he selected for his Hotmail email account. He said the address [email protected] is causing him increasing embarrassment.

“I use my Hotmail address for work quite a bit,” he said. “And, yeah, I do get some funny looks from subcontractors and clients every now and then. I think they find it a bit childish.”

The man said he selected the name for a bit of a laugh, and assumed he would only ever be using the account for correspondence with close friends. But after going freelance two years ago, he found himself utilising the account for work purposes as well.

“It’s especially bad when dealing with women clients,” he revealed. “To be honest, I think they find it unprofessional. Possibly offensive, even.”

The man said he’s already stopped giving out the address to women who he meets in bars, for fear of making a negative impression. “Yeah, I have to give them my Yahoo address instead, he said. “Which is anal_fi[email protected]. It’s a lot more versatile I think.”


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