Local man wondering whether it’s too soon to chuck first sickie of the year

Local worker Tim Tammer has spent the day wondering whether it’s too soon to chuck his first sickie this year.

Tim, who spent the first two days of the work week just going through all the emails he missed from the three week break, is already back to feeling extremely burnt out from his job and realised that he would rather be anywhere else.

“Would everyone judge me if I chucked a sickie in the first week?” he thought to himself after having yet another chat with a co-worker about how neither did anything during the break.

“I really need a mental health break, I just don’t know how much longer I can go like this. The office is just so dull and all the catch up work has made this such an exhausting first half of the week.

“I just need to stick it out till the public holiday, then I can rest. I just don’t know how many more times I can hear my boss tell us to ‘hit the ground running’ at the start of the year.”

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