Laura Tingle saved from being Lattoufed after revelation that she’s white

Crisis averted for ABC 7:30’s Chief Political Correspondent Laura Tingle who ABC bosses said ‘broke policy’ by saying on a non-ABC panel that Australia is ‘racist’. ABC bosses deciding not to fire her following the revelation that she is white.

This comes after the ABC ruled that Tingle ‘broke’ impartiality rules following a campaign by News Corp papers. Tingle was spoken to about the incident, because the company currently in the middle of a lawsuit that alleges that it has a racial discrimination problem, reckons it is a problem to say that racism exists.

“How can anyone claim this country or the ABC has issues with racism?” said an ABC executive. “The only thing worse than a white woman claiming that racism exists is an Arab woman claiming sharing a factual resource to her Instagram story.”

Tingle welcomed the news that she wont be fired for the offence of saying a truthful thing that shouldn’t be an offence in the first place.

“I am glad that while the ABC doesn’t have my back, they aren’t against it enough to Lattouf me. I am glad I can continue to speak up against the mistreatment of people of colour, you know except for the time I defended Lattouf being Lattoufed by the ABC.”

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