‘Just two more days’ says every single office worker across entire country

Office workers across the country have been heard saying ‘just two more days’ as they check the time knowing that soon they can get a break from work. The phrase that has been said by workers as they grab a cuppa, have lunch, under their breath as they work and on constant repeat in the minds of workers, has become a mantra for these workers as they push through the grind until the end of their working year. “It feels so close but yet so far,” said one worker, “I just need to keep reminding myself that there isn’t long left. Just got to make it through this, just two more days, two more days and I am free. Free, for a very brief moment but I will take it.” Meanwhile bosses around the country have been excited to ‘see all the smiling faces’ of people who they clearly think are happy to grind for two more days, “I’m glad to see the holiday cheer I am bringing is rubbing off on them.”

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