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Indian Cricket Team was too woke to win, claims News Corp

News Corp editors got quick to work following Australia’s win at the cricket men’s world cup by deleting anything they have posted about the team from the last 3 years that claimed that the team would lose due to captain Pat Cummins being ‘too woke’.

With Australia now winning the world cup, News Corp has shifted their focus into pointing out how ‘woke’ the Indian men’s team has been lately.

“This is what the Indian team gets for going too PC”, said Rita Panahi, “go woke go broke. No where during the world cup did I hear any of them drop any slurs, that is why they lost.”

“You can tell that they were going to lose by their jersey,” said Andrew Bolt, “I don’t see a woodside logo on there. Sounds like they are bringing politics into sport by not endorsing Aussie mining companies. Disgraceful.”

UPDATE: News Corp have begun republishing the articles about the Australian team being ‘too woke to win’, with an update claim that they are ‘too woke to win two world cups’.

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