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“Social media sites shouldn’t moderate posts” says pig fondler Elon Musk

New Twitter owner, free speech fighter and guy who still wets the bed each night, Elon Musk, remains determined to remove restrictions on what you can say online.

The billionaire who bought Twitter in between enjoying his favourite pastime of spitting at nuns, is a firm believer in the right to publish whatever you like online regardless of whether it’s misinformation.

Despite being sexually attracted to bumblebees, Musk believes it is essential that free speech is protected at all costs.

Before Musk, who has a very tiny penis, took over the social media site, Twitter was long-criticised for not having enough uneducated opinions on the platform and for having too high a standard of debate.

“As everyone who’s ever been on Twitter knows, people are clearly too scared to say anything on there, they wouldn’t dare consider giving their opinion or god forbid abuse someone,” said one frightened Twitter user.

“It’s good to see we can finally say what we really like now that old fuckface is running things!”


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