HR department preps for ‘busy season’ ahead of office Christmas party

A financial advisory firm has put out several job ads for ‘Christmas Casuals’ to manage the incoming load of HR incidents.

“Every year we brief our staff and tell them that the company’s expectation is that we’re professional at all times and reminding them that it’s a work function so please remember that your code of conduct still applies, even though this year will feature an open bar in one of the most notorious pubs in the city,” said HR Manager Susan Lauper. “That and the fact that our company is run by a pack of entitled private school boys, who would proudly wear their misogyny as a badge of honour if they knew how to spell it.”

“For us it’s a pretty busy season, a lot of our executives only really get one night out a year without their spouses, so that, combined with a company-wide culture of toxic masculinity, means that we could really do with the extra help processing everything that comes with it.” 

Susan says last year saw a ban on Secret Santa gifts after several admins complained about inappropriate gifts from management “Didn’t think we had to tell people that Honey-Birdette gift cards aren’t appropriate for work but here we are.”

As the rest of the company takes a break from the grind, HR describes the event as “a high stakes operation.”

“We’ll be looking at a range of options for trying to prevent incidents before they happen before taking our actual break in January,” said the HR executive. “Then we have to gear up again in time for Valentine’s Day.”

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