Guy who says unemployment should rise weirdly doesn’t want to lose his own job

Millionaire property developer and full-time fuckwit Tim Gurner has come under fire for saying that Australia needs a 50% rise in unemployment while speaking with fellow fuckwits at the Australian Financial Review property summit.

The guy who makes money from other people’s work, said that he is sick of how ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled’ blue collar workers are now, claiming the country needs more unemployed people to help stop that. However, many workers have noticed that weirdly he has yet to resign in order to take one for the team and help the cause.

“The workers have become too entitled these days,” said the millionaire getting a tax cut from the government while unemployed people are forced to live in poverty, “they clearly don’t understand the struggles the rest of us go through. Just today the butler had the nerve to call in sick. What happened to this country?”

“Forget the interest rates and cost of living, the real economic crisis is that sometimes when I get the staff to inform the tradies that I want them to build a high rise building for me to profit off of, they will demand reasonable working hours and pay. Someone needs to take these people down a peg.”

“We must put a stop this attitude and remind the peasants to be grateful that we bless them with the ability to make us millions of dollars. I fear that if things don’t turn back to the way they were, soon we may need to cut back on the amount of yachts we can buy.”

In response, local tradies have put out a statement telling the millionaire to consider cutting down on the avocado toast if he can’t afford to pay workers or consider getting off his pompous arse and build his own fucking buildings himself.

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