‘Girls are too emotional to go to school with boys,’ screams crying retired bloke

Sydney retiree Richard Farq the 4th has taken time out of his busy day to calmly and rationally protest a decision made by his old high school to become co-ed.

“I’m sorry but men and women just learn differently,” he screamed while crying to the news, “these young girls lack the maturity and are far too emotional to go to this school.”

“It’s the woke agenda, first we let girls go to school, what next letting them have jobs or vote? Now they’re trying to make everyone gay by putting boys and girls together!”

“People say that the school raises boys to be entitled but that isn’t true, and I demand to know why decision by the school was allowed to happen without my blessing. Well more accurately why it wasn’t raised with my wife who handles school, the mail and all of my life admin.”

The protest was due to continue tomorrow but clashed with a Santos shareholder meeting, leaving no one available.

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