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“Facebook is undemocratic” complains man who tried to overturn an election

Former US President and KGB employee of the year, Donald Trump, has today hit out at the “corrupt” social media sites for abusing their power after Facebook upheld their indefinite ban on him.

The strong responsibility-orientated Donald Trump slammed the social media platform in a tweet that is surprisingly not getting a heap of traction.

“Yeah, I have noticed in the last few months I have been struggling a bit for retweets” Trump told us via carrier pigeon, “which is strange because I know how much people enjoy my insights!”

Trump then revealed that he is beginning to transition away from social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter and shift towards his favourite new platform of yelling obscenities at strangers on the street.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s very human CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has defended his company’s ban on what’s-his-face.

“I definitely support our ban on old mate, 100%. There should be absolutely no excuse for spreading false information and inciting violence, none what’s so ever. Oh, unless of course you profit off it or it’s part of your business model.”


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