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Dan Andrews eligible to join Victorian Liberal Party after making ‘staggeringly embarrassing’ decisions

Victorian opposition leader John Pesutto has announced that the Victorian Liberal party have offered Dan Andrews to join its ranks following his embarrassing press conference this morning where he announced that he miscalculated the cost of the Commonwealth Games by six billion dollars.

“The cancellation of the Commonwealth Games is hugely damaging to Victoria’s reputation,” claimed opposition alleged-leader Pesutto, “that is why we think he would fit right in with us.”

“While we disagree with the premier’s decision not to gut funding from schools, housing and hospitals to host an Aldi brand Olympics, you can’t deny he’s got a certain charisma when giving bad news and boy do we need someone like that.”

“We’ve always prided ourselves on attracting embarrassments from all walks of life, from transphobes, to anti-vaxxers all the way to white supremacists, you’re welcome to join us on the opposition front bench for decades to come.”

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