CHASER FACT-CHECK: True, going from ‘fuck all’ renewables investment to ‘basically fuck all’ is ‘record investment’

Minister for Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor has come under fire today from both environmental groups and even some owners of coal power generators for his new controversial plan to subsidise coal power generators to stay open after they are made useless due to green energy. In his response to the criticism, Angus Taylor has declared that the government has had “record investment in renewable energy” compared to recent years. Our Fact-Checking team can confirm Taylor is telling the truth as ‘basically fuck all’ investment in renewable energy is technically more than the ‘absolutely fuck all’ investment the government previously made. Fair play to Taylor for clearing the bar his terrible decision making previously set. While the minister’s claim that keeping unprofitable coal power plants open will ‘keep prices low’ is difficult to confirm, given he forgot to account for “reality” in his equations, the claim that Australia has improved in our renewables investment is true. However since they will be funding coal plants even when they become obsolete, we have rated the government’s claim that Angus Taylor is the minister for ‘energy reduction’ as “bullshit”.

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