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Albanese and King Charles new best friends after discovering they both grew up in Government housing

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has made an unlikely best friend in the UK in the new King Charles, after discovering they both had a common upbringing growing up in public housing.

“One had a great time talking to that former peasant,” said the King, “I was concerned about meeting someone who has at any point been considered ‘working class’. But then he told me about his investment portfolio and when I found out he would be considered a Lord if he was based here, I realised he was one of the good commoners.”

“Who knew we could have so much in common? It’s not just the housing, but also our family lives. You see I too overcame a public divorce and I too have spent most my life talking about my mother who relied on taxpayer money to live while she barely worked. One knows we have that in common because the Prime Minister told me about her 50 times in our 10 minute interaction.”

“It’s just so nice to meet someone else like me,” said Albanese, “you know I always thought my experience was unique so meeting another leader of Australia who also came up in the same way was incredible. Hopefully it can inspire those starving kids back home whose mother’s are on welfare to stop complaining, tighten your bootstraps and get to work like Charles has recently.”

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