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AFR accuses female journalists of having anti-rape bias

The Australian Financial Review has come under fire after Senior Correspondent and Senior Douchebag Aaron Patrick wrote a hit piece on all female journalists with a focus on news.com.au editor and Walkley award winning journalist Samantha Maiden. The AFR have released a follow-up article defending the piece which claims that the attack on all women in the media was not sexist but just ‘pointing out that female journalists seem to have an anti-rape bias’.

“If you look around at the media, who have been the loudest voices? Women,” wrote the man pumped up with insane #notallmen energy. “There has to be a reason women are the ones fighting against Scott Morrison. They are biased against sexism, sexual assault and rape, that’s why this story should be left to the men. Just look at the unbiased reporting of PVO, Chris Ulhmann or Andrew Bolt. Women like that have a clear bias because they secretly hate men.”

“Now back to Samantha Maiden, who does she think she is? Asking tough questions, standing up for victims, not letting Morrison off the hook… what an ego on her. Reporting like that has no place at News Corp. She has painted the Morrison government out to be some sort of group that turns the other way to serious sexual assaults and rape, even going as far to suggest they would withhold evidence from the police. How dare she provide factually based stories about times the government did stuff like that.”

“As a good (male) journalist I am unbiased on misogyny and rape. Not all men are unbiased on this though obviously, some reckon it is definitely wrong to cover it up, the traitors. Speaking of unbiased coverage, I reckon Samantha Maiden is annoying and one time she got arrested for murder. She claims the incident I refer to was actually that she was ‘stopped by a breath test’ which she passed, but we can’t trust that. I mean a woman said it sooo…”


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