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ABC denies internal racism issue, “none of our white employees have experienced racism”

The ABC has put out a statement denying that they have any issue with racism internally, claiming that they have never had any complaints of racism from any of their white employees.

This statement comes after the shock resignation of Nour Haydar and a lawsuit from Antoinette Lattouf accusing the network of wrongfully firing her and of racial discrimination. The network argues that it is absurd to suggest they don’t listen to diverse voices and urges the public to please ignore all the diverse voices who might claim otherwise.

“Here at the ABC we love diversity,” said a representative for the public broadcaster, “we make that crystal clear. I mean we say that every year whenever a current or former employee accuse us of having a systemic racism problem.”

“We take great pride in our diversity. When you are up against the likes of Channel’s 10, 9 and 7, you don’t just get the title of ‘2nd most diverse free-to-air network’ by default.”

“Anyway, none of our white employees say they have personally experienced racism in the office. And that group makes up most of our hosts, workers and especially senior staff. So how could we possibly have a systemic issue?”

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