Woman who makes living promoting diet pills boycotts Insta over misinformation

Potential future first lady and businesswoman who doesn’t actually run any of her businesses, Kim Kardashian-West has today announced she will be boycotting Facebook and Instagram due to the constant sharing of harmful misinformation on the platforms. In fact Kim has pointed out that misinformation is so prevalent on the platforms that you can find numerous examples by just scrolling through her sponsored posts. “I’m, like, really worried about what exposure to this misinformation is doing to our kids,” said the woman who promotes diet pills to children. “Like there are some racist people out there spreading hate. It’s like I said to my friend Ivanka Trump, no one should be promoting racist liars.” “Look Facebook and Instagram make money spreading hurtful things about and stealing from marginalised groups,” said the woman whose family has made a career off of keeping their whiteness under wraps, “if anyone is going to steal from marginalised groups it should be me and my family! So back off! Also if you want to help us fight this disrespectful systematic oppression please don’t forget to buy your own ‘Kimono’ tm, or any of our clothes that are just designs we blatantly copied from small black designers, or even my sister’s Tupac shirt, because all the royalties go directly to us and not the original creators or their estates. This will help us lift up people who need it.” “Also, like kids out there can see things shared around about not wearing masks, it’s so dangerous,” explained the model. “The only real issue with masks is that they make it harder for little girls to consume their meal suppressant lollipops, that you can buy using my discount code ‘NoFatChicks’ in my online store.”

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