Trump demands trial be moved to the ‘highest court of the land’, Judge Judy

As the trial continues against pussy grabbing enthusiast Donald Trump over allegations of fraud, the former president has demanded the case be moved to the ‘highest court of the land’ Judge Judy.

“Why am I wasting my time with this nobody Judge?” asked Trump, “We need the only Judge that can be trusted, where’s Judy?”

“My case is strong, so strong… It’s amazing, some are saying it’s one of the best defences people have ever seen. The only fraud here is the case that Sleepy Joe and his so-called justice department have against me. Giving me this rogue judge and claiming that Judy ‘is a tv judge, not a criminal judge’. More fake news.”

“Why are my lawyers allowing this sham trial to happen? Some call Rudy and find out where he is. He was meant to bring Judge Judy here. What do you mean he’s at Judy’s Gardening Emporium!?”

Judge Judy eventually managed to arrive for a special taping of her show, but sadly it was cut short after Trump stormed off during the opening statements when Judge Judy interrupted him by yelling, “No No No, stop rambling! You’re talking nonsense. This isn’t an audition, this is my show, you got that!”

Trump supporters have now begun screaming ‘Lock her up’ outside of Judy’s tv studio.

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