Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny first to try Russian Covid-19 vaccine

Alexei Navalny has become the first person in Russian to try the new Covid-19 vaccine that President Vladimir Putin announced last week. To celebrate the happy occasion the the Opposition Leader collapsed and rolled around on the floor yelling loudly in fitful screams of joy. Mr Putin said the trial was “completely successful”, and there were no signs of any unintended side effects. “Put it this way,” he told reporters, “Covid-19 is the last thing Alexei Navalny has to worry about now.”

The vaccine was administered using a cup of tea, though Mr Putin said that the vaccine could be administered through a wide range of techniques, including the tip of an umbrella, a perfume bottle and even by falling from a great height out of a window.

Some observers have said that Mr Navalny’s screams were made in agony, though when The Chaser tried to reach them for comment they were unavailable as they were all busy getting the new vaccine.

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