Penny Wong warns Israel that if they don’t stop killing civilians, she will consider wagging her finger in disapproval 

Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has responded to Israel’s bombing of refugee camps in Rafah by raising her ‘concern’ level to ‘considering wagging my finger in disapproval’.

“The damage caused in Gaza is unacceptabe-ish,” wrote Wong in a statement, “we urge them please maybe reconsider their actions and the damage it can do to their allies in the polls.”

“We are serious in this statement. First we will consider wagging my finger but if things escalate further and they surpass 50,000 dead civilians, we may even consider so far as to say ‘hey knock that off’ when we supply them the next weapons shipment.”

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the finger Wong might wag is a secret member of Hamas.

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