Cancel culture strikes Commonwealth Games!

Disturbing developments from Victoria as cancel culture has once again prevailed with the sporting event that everyone always remembers and looks forward to, the Commonwealth Games, being struck down by Dictator Dan in his war against fun.

Many are saying that not spending seven billion dollars on the games is politically the ‘correct’ call, proving that this is yet another an example of political correctness going mad.

The Commonwealth Games are a tradition, dating back a while. It was built on the ideals of fairness, honesty and colonial propaganda, to not hold these most cherished values is an attack on our culture and history itself.

George Orwell said they would cancel the 2026 games in his documentary film 1984, but no one listened.

The Commonwealth Games is the only event where Australia has a chance to win as most the countries that beat us in the Olympics aren’t invited.

But that is the real reason the woke brigade wanted to cancel it, they just hate seeing Australia win!

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