The Chaser’s Guide to Australian Road Signs

Australia has some road signs that are unique in the world. Here’s a comprehensive guide.

1. If you see this one, make sure you drive extra carefully…

Kangaroos Nearby

2. If you see this one, you may want to altogether avoid the area…


3. This one is important to pay attention to in November, especially on the Gold Coast…


4. No explanation needed for this one…

Music festival

5. If you see this one, be alert for (white collar) crime

Screenshot 2016-09-06 09.23.29

6. Make sure you know how Family Tax Benefit B works if you find yourself in this area…


7. A very common one, seen throughout Australia, at least once a year…

Peter FitzSimons

8. This one applies to all codes…


9. This one applies to many suburban areas in Australia. Avoid.

Screenshot 2016-09-06 09.23.56

10. If you see this, be especially careful, especially when using your mobile device…


11. This one occurs on roads, as well on national television…

Molly Meldrum

12. And finally, make sure you obey this one… 


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