The Chaser Report – Episode 9 – May I take your order (of Australia)?

Have you been drinking too much under lockdown? Not doing enough exercise? Charles shares legitimate and in no way dodgy medical advice on how to have a perfect body even while having a debauched lifestyle. Meanwhile, Dom runs us through all the most undeserving Queen Birthday Honours winners this year, and Andrew takes a look at some very classy celebrity isolation videos. All that plus the latest Chaser headlines you can’t trust from Rebecca De Unamuno.



Charles Firth: Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Chaser Report. All the news you can’t trust, I’m Charles Firth and joining me today are Andrew Hansen and Dom Knight. And guys, New Zealand is coronavirus free. What do you think?

Andrew Hansen: Well, this doesn’t surprise. I’ve been to New Zealand and I only saw three people during the entire six week holiday I had there. So to me, I don’t think it’s much of an achievement, to be honest.

Charles Firth: So did you go during lockdown or something?

Andrew Hansen: No, no, this is just how New Zealand is.

Dom Knight: This is normal New Zealand, right?

Andrew Hansen: Yeah. Yeah.

Charles Firth: I don’t know how they knew they were in lockdown. It’s been really many, many years preparing for this. First up, they said a country in the middle of nowhere, had no people in it, made themselves entirely insignificant, all for this. It’s the long game and they’ve played it very well.

Andrew Hansen: Well, it’s tough, and it’s also quite tricky to be in lockdown in New Zealand, because you’ve got to be in a hobbit hole for two weeks, which is quite… It drives you mad. Everything’s round, you start thinking that your gold ring is some sort of magical, super powered thing. You can go quite nuts in those situations.

Charles Firth: Coming up on the episode, Andrew Hansen’s going to run us through some more celebrity isolation videos, and Dom is going to run us through all the order of Australia medals, including some of the more obscure ones. But first let’s check in with Rebecca De Unamuno, the latest Chaser News headlines

Rebecca De Unamuno: Facing massive budget cuts, the ABC has decided to rebrand itself as a rowing club in a safe liberal party seat. The ABC will now be known as the Mossman Rowing Club. It is expected to receive an extra billion dollars in funding later today. A man who has repeatedly claimed that all lives matter in response to the black lives matter protests has never once given a shit about another human being. The man admitted he was the same man who was willing to sacrifice his grandparents a couple of months ago for the sake of the economy. Gone With The Wind has been removed from HBO’s video streaming platform. Experts initially assumed it was because of the films’ whitewashing of slavery. However, HBO later clarified it’s actually because Gone With The Wind is a very long and tedious film that nobody likes anyway. That’s the Chaser report headlines. News you can’t trust.

Charles Firth: Thanks Bec. Hey Bec, did you win an order of Australia medal this week?

Rebecca De Unamuno: No, unfortunately I’m not a former liberal party politician or major donor to the liberal party. Yeah, so I missed out.

Charles Firth: Ah, that’s a pity. Well, maybe next year.

Announcer: The Chaser Report. Less news, less often.

Dom Knight: Now, Charles and Andrew. Of course, her majesty gave us the day off on Monday, the Queen’s birthday public holiday, another day where they delivered a whole bunch of gongs, the order of Australia, handed out to lots of eminent people, supposedly in our community. Supposedly it’s for Australians who’ve demonstrated outstanding service or exceptional achievement. And I thought we might look at some of those who were honored this year and just see how exceptional we thought they were, and how outstanding we thought they were. And where better to start then, as we must now call him, Anthony John Abbott AC, who was awarded for eminent service to the people and parliament, but particularly for his contribution to trade border control and the indigenous community. How deserving do you think Tony Abbott was of that very, very special recognition?

Andrew Hansen: Well, look, I think he was very deserving of doing the things that he was supposed to do when contracted to do his job. And that was great. In fact, anyone who did their job this morning should be given an OAM under the same logic.

Dom Knight: This is fantastic.

Charles Firth: Although, didn’t he strip $500 million from the indigenous affairs budget while he was indigenous affairs minister?

Andrew Hansen: Well, it’s a service, isn’t it? It’s a type of service.

Dom Knight: All right, let me pose the question in a different way. When you look back on Tony Abbott’s career, have they nominated him for the right things? Surely there are some bigger highlights in his…

Andrew Hansen: Well, services to umming and ahing, I think could have been a good one.

Dom Knight: Yes.

Charles Firth: Yeah, pauses. He did a lot for pauses.

Andrew Hansen: He did a lot for long pauses actually, yes. He lengthened the pauses. Before in the pre-Abbott era, pauses in conversation were very short in Australia and he really taught us how to really make a long, awkward pause.

Charles Firth: I would nominate him for services to sex.

Dom Knight: Really?

Charles Firth: Yes, because he’s very good at fucking things. Everything he touched, he really fucked.

Andrew Hansen: It’s the onion breath though, that would be an issue, I think. It’s a problem.

Dom Knight: Well, he’s surely done a lot for our onion industry. No one looked at an onion before Tony Abbott and thought, “There’s a snack.” Just raw.

Andrew Hansen: Yeah, and now we down them like apples. They should offer them. And you know how kids have the fruit basket when you walk into the supermarket? They get a little free thing of fruit. I don’t understand why they don’t include raw onions there. My daughter loves nothing more than munching on a raw onion.

Dom Knight: Look, it is feeling a little bit like the old liberals club this year. Bronwyn Kathleen Bishop AO, distinguished service apparently, to the parliament of Australia. What do you think of Bronwyn Bishop’s highlights during her very long career? Longest ever, woman in parliament, I think.

Charles Firth: She was the one who got that helicopter, didn’t she? She got into trouble-

Dom Knight: She did.

Charles Firth: Because she had a $56,000 helicopter flight somewhere.

Andrew Hansen: See, supporting the helicopter industry, it’s a very important industry.

Charles Firth: Yes. Yes.

Dom Knight: And she did a lot for women in politics, in helicopters, didn’t she?

Andrew Hansen: She did. She raised them up, high off the ground.

Charles Firth: Something to aspire to.

Dom Knight: She probably broke the glass ceiling with her helicopter. It’s quite extraordinary who they’ve honored. So the honorable Phillip Maxwell Roddick AO. I love this, he got it for distinguished service to the people in parliament of Australia and to local government. Because after leaving federal parliament, he became the mayor of Hornsby, the most boring suburban city.

Andrew Hansen: Two jobs. This is great. He’s getting recognized for doing two jobs. Like anybody else with two jobs should be. That’s great. And okay, you had to wait though. Often you do have to wait around for these awards. I can’t believe he had to wait until the age of 912 to collect this.

Dom Knight: It does make you understand though, why he was so fond of locking people up. Remember, he put all those refugees in detention.

Charles Firth: He did, yeah.

Dom Knight: If you’ve ever been to Hornsby, it’s just like being in jail, so similar vibe. Now, when I say it’s the old liberals club, that’s not entirely true. There’s one, Graham Frederick Richardson AO, who was given it for his service to the people in parliament, Australia, but also to the media as a political commentator. So if you are a labor person on Sky News, you could also get an order of Australia. You see, what were Richo’s achievements over the years. What did he actually… Whatever it takes was his whole thing.

Andrew Hansen: Well, we can’t really say them without being sued for libel.

Charles Firth: Well, and also being kneecapped in the middle of the night. Let’s be quite clear, this is Richo here.

Dom Knight: I wouldn’t want my house to be burnt down. Although, if it was, I’d probably collect on the insurance.

Charles Firth: Actually, I heard the way Richo celebrated his medal, is he actually had a huge fireworks display at a printing factory in Merrickville. It’s amazing.

Dom Knight: Yeah. Yeah. Look, I can’t believe his services to Swiss banks. It wasn’t recognized a lot. But the good news is, you can get them for doing anything, because I found some very special recipients. Chris Lloyd got it for significant service to the artisan cheese making industry.

Andrew Hansen: Good on him. I actually don’t mind the bit of artisan cheese.

Charles Firth: I didn’t know you could win a medal for it.

Rebecca De Unamuno: You can. You can.

Charles Firth: But what sort of cheeses are we talking here? What does he make?

Dom Knight: I don’t know. Camembert or…

Charles Firth: He probably makes television for channel nine, like reality television. Come on, that’s the cheesiest thing I can think of.

Dom Knight: Big Brother. I hope Big Brother’s got one of these, but you can get it for power lifting. Donald Sherwood Jewis OAM.

Andrew Hansen: Oh, that’s Bronnie Bishop’s one as well, they’re power lifting off the ground.

Dom Knight: Bruce John Raymond got one for services to music, particularly brass bands.

Andrew Hansen: Particularly? Well, good on these people. We need more brass bands in Australia, I say. There’s just not enough brass bands on street corners.

Charles Firth: We need a brass band leader recovery. Let’s face it. Let’s put him in charge.

Andrew Hansen: That’s what it should be, yeah. Yes, forget the shovels. And $25,000 should be given, I reckon, to anyone who wants to install a brass band in their home.

Dom Knight: Yeah. Yeah. I’d be very good at it.

Andrew Hansen: Yeah.

Dom Knight: But there is a problem with the order of Australia. It’s just a little thing. They tend to go to dodgy people, and I really hope that none of those honored this year and end up having to give them back, because if you look at those who’ve given them back, you might think that the order of Australia is actually not as great an honor as it’s meant to be. So Alan Bond.

Andrew Hansen: Bondy. [crosstalk 00:09:18].

Dom Knight: Had an [crosstalk 00:09:20].

Charles Firth: Oh, really?

Dom Knight: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rebecca De Unamuno: Did he now?

Charles Firth: Mind you, he probably stole his, but anyway. From mum and dad investors.

Dom Knight: Eddie Abade got one for services to ethnic welfare.

Charles Firth: Eddie Abade got one?

Dom Knight: Yeah, specifically his own ethnic welfare he got honored for.

Charles Firth: Richo’s mates have already got one. That’s why Richo got one, because all his mates have already got one. He probably just got the one that Eddie Abade handed back.

Dom Knight: And look, the tele put out a list of all the AO’s that have been handed back over the… I’m going to put it out. There was a lot of pedos’ as well, there’s a lot of pedophile priests who’ve had to give theirs back.

Andrew Hansen: Are they really? With AO’s? Do they hand these medals around in prison like cigarettes? Is this something, you just trade your order of Australia to get some?

Charles Firth: They’re not very good as a currency because there’s too many of them, so they’re not nearly as valuable as a cigarette.

Andrew Hansen: But what are they shaped? Are they sort of spoon shaped, so you could dig a tunnel out, like Shawshank Redemption?

Dom Knight: Well, they are. They’ve got a little sharp pin on them, so you could [singe 00:10:17] someone with an order of Australia if you had to, I reckon.

Andrew Hansen: Perfect for prisoners, aren’t they?

Dom Knight: Finally, in unrelated information, George Pell has an AC, the top honor. And he’s going to keep it because there’s nothing more honorable than the order of Australia.

Announcer: The Chaser Report. News you can’t trust.

Charles Firth: This week’s Chaser Report is brought to you by the Secondhand Statues Warehouse. Dom, have you always wanted a statue of a racist slave owning misogynist for your garden?

Dom Knight: Of course, I have, but I’ve never known where to get one before now.

Andrew Hansen: Yeah. And racist statues are so expensive.

Charles Firth: Well, not anymore. Statues Warehouse has a whole new range of second hand stock that’s just arrived. Everything from slavers to confederate generals, to disgraced genocidal kings.

Dom Knight: Oh, at last my garden can have that all lives matter look I’ve been wanting.

Charles Firth: But get in quick before the Australian government buys the lot and installs them in front of parliament house.

Announcer: Striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence. This is the Chaser Report.

Andrew Hansen: Okay. Well, look, the celebrities industries may have been smashed, but the celebrities have not stopped delivering, Charles and Dommy. That’s right, they’re still making videos from their palatial homes and keeping us feeling good. So that’s why it’s time now for another game of…

Announcer: I-celebrity!

Andrew Hansen: Now, as you know, of course, Dom and Charles, the aim of the game is that you have to guess which celebrity is talking in the isolation video that I’m going to play for you. Now, let’s just kick off with just a quick reminder of the purpose of these videos from Keith Richards. One of last weeks’ i-celebrities. Thanks Mike.

Recording: Say stafe.

Andrew Hansen: That’s right. We have to remember, it’s all about saying stafe. So we’re going to kick off with two other musicians. Now, these two have been isolating together because they’re father and daughter. There’s a little clue for you. And his dad, who was sprucing their live streamed ISO concert, and the person that you can hear correcting his old man mistake is the daughter. Take a listen.

Recording: In an hour we’ll be going live in support of the World Health Organization and global citizens, for hashTogetherAtHome.


Shut up.

Andrew Hansen: Charles, can you at least guess who the man is? Who’s the dad?

Charles Firth: He was British.

Dom Knight: That’s really hard.

Charles Firth: Wanted to say, [inaudible 00:12:46]. I wanted to say Jasper Carrott. Is it Jasper Carrott?

Andrew Hansen: It is incorrect. It is not Jasper Carrott and his daughter Jasper Broccoli. No.

Charles Firth: Yeah, his daughter was in the office.

Dom Knight: Yeah. I was thinking when you said father and daughter, I immediately thought Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, but unless they’re both putting on a terrible British accent, it’s not them. Who else in the UK has a daughter who… No, it’s not Paul McCartney and Stella. I don’t know who it is. I’m stumped. Stumped. Actually, is it Prince Andrew? Because he’s got a daughter, doesn’t he?

Charles Firth: He’s not allowed around children.

Andrew Hansen: No, incorrect. It is not Prince. The famous musician and his musician daughter is not Prince Andrew.

Charles Firth: Good guess, though. I’m sure you were close.

Andrew Hansen: Well, look, I’ll give you more of a clue. Maybe if you hear them sing, particularly the dad, the clue is, I think the dad’s probably slightly better known maybe. Daughter’s sitting at the piano in this clip, playing, and she’s singing as well. And dad’s providing the answer vocals at this beautiful, enormous grand piano, that’s festooned with spectacular flowers and family portraits. Take a listen.

Recording: Come on.

All right.


Hold up, one more time.


Charles Firth: That’s good. She’s not the best [inaudible 00:14:24].

Recording: (singing)

Dom Knight: He’s got a good voice, doesn’t he?

Andrew Hansen: Well, he’s a rock star, of course he’s got a good voice, he’s a famous singer.

Dom Knight: Oh, he’s a rock star?

Andrew Hansen: Oh, well, maybe not rock, but maybe crooner or something.

Dom Knight: Is it Alan Jones? Could it be him? With only a daughter now.

Charles Firth: Is it Joe Cocker?

Andrew Hansen: Good guess. Good guess.

Charles Firth: Is it Joe Cocker?

Dom Knight: No, not quite strained enough for Joe Cocker, I think.

Charles Firth: Yeah, fair enough.

Andrew Hansen: And that’s the other question, is he dead? Well, who knows? Now, look, I’m going to have to count both of you out here. You haven’t guessed that it was Rod and Ruby Stewart.

Dom Knight: Of course, it’s bloody Rod Stewart.

Charles Firth: Oh, yes.

Dom Knight: I knew I didn’t like it, I just couldn’t work out exactly why.

Andrew Hansen: There you go. All right. That was ISO video number one. Let’s do another, let’s do another, Dommy and Charles. We’re going to move now, into the world of actors and actresses. We love their ISO videos, of course, because there they are, unscripted, for the first time. Now, this legendary British actress had this very wholesome message to say on her recent ISO video.

Recording: Today is international nurses day. Now, I work for L’Oreal and maybe some of you know they have the famous phrase, “Because you’re worth it.” Well, today of all days, we could say with our hands on our hearts, truthfully and sincerely, to the nurses, you are worth it.

Andrew Hansen: It’s a good time saver. You can gee up the nurses and advertise a multinational makeup brand at the same time, if you’re a celebrity.

Dom Knight: She got money for that.

Andrew Hansen: I hope she did. She probably got paid millions for this. Now, Charles, who’s the actress?

Charles Firth: Well, it’s got to be Helen Mirren.

Andrew Hansen: You are correct. Charles, how do you know your L’Oreal brand ambassadors so well?

Charles Firth: Well, I tried to think of a wrinkle free actress and Helen Mirren sprang to mind.

Andrew Hansen: Yes.

Dom Knight: Is she the youngest British actress you know, Charles?

Charles Firth: Yes, exactly. Yeah.

Andrew Hansen: The only one, yeah. Well, she is amazingly wrinkled. They last quite well, British actresses, don’t they? They look like they’re 20, even when they’re a 104.

Dom Knight: Must be because everyone in Britain’s pickled in gin all the time. It’s the same as the queen, she looks very youthful, very mid nineties.

Charles Firth: And there’s no risk of sunburn.

Andrew Hansen: No. Well, that’s all right.

Dom Knight: It’s true.

Andrew Hansen: Do you think the Queen’s sponsored by L’Oreal as well? Maybe.

Charles Firth: She’s definitely worth it, from what I’ve heard.

Dom Knight: She’s worth it.

Charles Firth: Well, let’s hear some more from Helen Mirren. I think we should, because this time, and this is a good thing, she’s encouraging the nurses to ask for a pay rise.

Recording: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, for your courage, for everything you will be doing in the future. And in the future, when you come to negotiate your pay rate rises, you can say, altogether, very loudly, “Because we’re worth it.”

Andrew Hansen: Isn’t that lovely?

Dom Knight: It’s amazingly tacky, particularly for Helen Mirren who’s the classiest woman in the world. She should’ve just said, “Ask for more pay, so you can afford L’Oreal.”

Andrew Hansen: They’re going to need a pay rise, aren’t they Dommy? If you’re going to afford L’Oreal.

Dom Knight: Yeah.

Andrew Hansen: Well, look, you say, perhaps it wasn’t the ideal thing to post because I had a look at the comments, I know you never meant to, but I checked the comments under Helen Mirren’s Insta. And the first comment I saw beneath this post said this, “I saw you at the airport and asked for a photo, but you declined, which I totally understand. But the next time I see you, I will say, please, can I have a photo with you? Just because I am worth it. And I am proud to be working as a nurse for the NHS.” Slightly awkward.

Dom Knight: That’s funny. Well done.

Charles Firth: Well, give her free moisturizer, that woman.

Andrew Hansen: Look, I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of i-celebrity. And just before we go, before we go, I would like to share this new video that Helen Mirren posted just this morning with an updated message for the nurses.

Recording: And in the future, when you come to negotiate your pay rate rises, you can say, all together, very loudly, “Say stafe.”

Announcer: The Chaser Report. News a few days after it happens.

Charles Firth: Guys, legally I’m not allowed to give you medical advice apparently, on this podcast, but I’ve actually got some medical advice for everyone, and the good thing is, it’s completely true. So this is medical advice you can actually take and lawyers won’t have to worry about it. So I want to tell you about a blood test that I got done, I got the results yesterday, and I’ll just give you some context to this blood test, right? Before I tell you what the results were. So I decided to get fit a few years ago. Do you remember I was a little bit overweight? I was heading into my forties.

Dom Knight: Yeah.

Andrew Hansen: Yes, I remember well.

Charles Firth: Yeah.

Andrew Hansen: And it doesn’t change, does it?

Charles Firth: What? My fitness?

Andrew Hansen: Yeah. Yeah. Well, there’s no apparent difference now.

Charles Firth: Well, there was a few weeks there, Andrew Hansen, that I actually did start to get… Like I’ve started training and things like that. I really did. And then, literally, about week three of my new fitness regime… This was a few years ago. I started pissing quite a large quantity of blood for several days, right?

Dom Knight: Ow.

Charles Firth: I just kept pissing blood, right?

Andrew Hansen: That’s not a good sign when you started the gym.

Charles Firth: Well, yeah. So I went to the doctor, and this is honestly true. They did a few tests, including a blood test, but they actually went-

Andrew Hansen: What? Look, just piss in this cup.

Charles Firth: They went, “No, no, no, nothing to worry about. It’s just your kidneys.” Right?

Dom Knight: What?

Charles Firth: “It’s just your kidneys, very normal, nothing to worry.” When you haven’t done exercise for many, many decades, and then you start doing exercise, apparently your kidneys just start shedding all the blood, like all the old blood that’s accumulated, and you just start pissing blood. And they said, “It’s completely healthy.”

Dom Knight: You had [zero 00:20:45] blood.

Charles Firth: Yeah, it was that blood that accumulated from the 30 years of me not moving my body at all.

Andrew Hansen: Your doctor’s having you on. He just didn’t want to tell you you’re dying.

Charles Firth: Didn’t want that difficult conversation. Anyway, so that was all good. But then we agreed that I would then go back for a blood test every year since then, to just make sure that I’m not dying, whatever. Anyway, get back to the blood test. And this is, again, a couple of years ago. So she did a hollow test, got back the blood test. And she said, “Look, actually, there is one thing. Pissing the blood doesn’t matter, but actually your liver is showing signs of wear and tear already. You’re 40 years old, but you’ve got the liver of a 70 year old. It could be your lack of exercise, or it could be you’re drinking too much. Who knows?”

Dom Knight: Why not both?

Charles Firth: Yeah. Yeah, why not both? So that scared me into action. I did get a bit fitter for a while.

Andrew Hansen: These things don’t last long, do they? But pissing blood and having the liver of a man twice your age, causes only like two weeks worth of exercise.

Charles Firth: Yeah, exactly. So I was getting fitter, then I broke my arm and it was like, “Nah, fuck this. I’m never going to exercise again.”

Dom Knight: Broke your arm coming off a bike drunk is the way I remember it, but anyway.

Charles Firth: And then-

Andrew Hansen: Well, drunk after receiving the news about your liver. You got really drunk and hopped on a bike.

Dom Knight: It’s good to get fit but you’re not meant to keep drinking while doing it.

Charles Firth: That is so true. That’s what I was doing.

Dom Knight: That’s what I understand from my personal trainer.

Charles Firth: Had a couple of beers and got on my bike, crazy. Anyway, point is, so I have not been very fit, especially the last few months, with the lockdown and everything like that. I don’t know about you, but I have been, no exercise and drinking at least one bender per day. And-

Dom Knight: Just the one?

Charles Firth: And the only change that I have maintained through the last three or four years, since I was told that I had the liver of a 70 year old, was that…

Rebecca De Unamuno: So unhealthy.

Charles Firth: Was that I now eat muesli for breakfast.

Andrew Hansen: Oh, that’s your change?

Charles Firth: Because the doctor said that that will help.

Dom Knight: That’s what 70 year olds do.

Charles Firth: It’s good for your cholesterol, all of that. So yesterday, my latest blood test came back, right? I’ve got a chart of all the blood tests over the years, right? Came back. Everything is now normal, my body’s a temple, I am not going to die anymore.

Andrew Hansen: Eating muesli?

Charles Firth: But he didn’t know that that’s the one change that I’ve made. He said, “Whatever you’ve been doing, just keep going with that. Just keep doing what you’re doing, because you are now a prime specimen of human being.” So my point is, that my medical advice to everyone, is all you have to do is just eat muesli every morning, that’s literally all you have to do, and everything’s solved.

Dom Knight: I just wonder, Charles, if our doctors have been lying to us, and I wonder if what happens is, if you spend your life doing nothing and drinking, most people are very unhealthy and they die, and they get heart failure and all this kind of stuff. But maybe if you keep doing nothing and drinking, with such dedication, for many years, you push through to an upper echelon that’s usually only available to the royal family, where your indolence and your drinking get to the point where you actually live forever. You are the mere Prince Philip.

Charles Firth: I think I am, yes.

Andrew Hansen: Like a sort of Scientology of booze that you’re talking here, Dommy. But you’re forgetting the muesli, I think that’s the answer, isn’t it? Why hasn’t Trump suggested muesli as a cure for coronavirus, because it clearly fixes everything, doesn’t it, Charles?

Charles Firth: Mind you, it could be the gin that I put on the muesli that’s actually the solution.

Announcer: None of the medical advice contained in a Chaser Report should legally be considered medical advice. The Chaser Report.

Andrew Hansen: Guys, I’ve been thinking about sprucing up my front yard. I kind of want to spruce it up with a statue of someone. I was thinking like, ideally, a famous explorer or someone like that. Someone who caused a huge amount of death and suffering.

Charles Firth: Andrew, you’re in luck. Secondhand Statues Warehouse has just received a new shipment of statues and it includes a statue of Christopher Columbus.

Andrew Hansen: Oh, well, he’d be perfect. I’ve always been wanting a statue of a man who gave smallpox infected blankets to native Americans in my front yard.

Charles Firth: Yes, it is. It’s perfect. Let your neighbors know you’re a racist dick and pick up a horrible statue today at Secondhand Statues Warehouse.

Announcer: The Chaser Report. Now with extra whispers.

Charles Firth: And guys, that’s the end of the show… Wait a minute, we’ve got a breaking news headline from Rebecca De Unamuno. What are the chances?

Dom Knight: Unprecedented.

Rebecca De Unamuno: The liberal party has denied claims that has politicized the Queen’s birthday awards. Pointing out Richard Denatale also received an award for his services to starting all the bush fires. Back to you.

Charles Firth: Thanks, Bec. Now, check us out online at Chaser.com.au. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. We’ve just Tik-Tok’d over 2 million video views on Tik-Tok. Search for the Chaser Report on your podcast app. And remember to hit subscribe, we’re doing a couple of midweek update episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays now. Thanks to our producer, Mike Liberali. And we’re going to leave you with this new and very timely podcast.

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