This week has made it clear, the rich in this country are the most oppressed group in the world – By Andrew Bolt


What we have seen this week is nothing short of a full blown attack on the basic human right to be extremely wealthy and make up your own rules. A right that serves as the very bedrock of our society.

First we saw this with the brutal class warfare that is the Stage 3 tax cut reforms. This evil government has broken their promise to raise inflation by giving heaps of money to the rich. This is a direct attack on the everyday Aussies I speak to everyday in the Mornington Peninsula, who are just doing what they can to pay off their 5th mansion.

My next door neighbour was planning on using that $9k on expanding his boat dock to fit his new megayacht, but now with only $4.5k he will have to wait a couple more weeks to have the funds for this project. A devastating situation for anyone to be in.

These tax reforms are Labor trying to be Robin Hood, who was famously the villain of the story. Well more like Robin Hood if Robin Hood refused to help those in poverty and gave the rich more than he gave the average person, but still just as scary!

Then, as if we weren’t suffering enough, we saw a major blow directly on the foundations of the boys club as an elite all boys school will now allow rich people who aren’t boys into the school too. Running a major risk of teaching these boys how to talk to girls or worse, exposing them to cooties.

School is meant to be about teaching kids to prepare them for the real world. This woke ‘co-ed’ madness creates a slippery slope, first we let the girls into the schools then what’s next? Letting them have jobs or vote without asking the man in charge of them first?

As brave men and women spoke to the media, crying patriotic tears for their hypothetical grandchild, the so-called ‘empathetic left’ mocked them. But ask kids anywhere in the world, from here to say Gaza, and they will tell you that allowing rich girls to go to the same school as rich boys is easily the worst thing happening to a school right now.

The woke mob claim they stand for minority rights, but the top 1% are a minority group. The only minority group I like. Now with the tax cuts and the allowing of girls at elite schools, it is clear that rich Aussies are the most oppressed minority group in the world.

Australia we can not let this stand, please take to the streets to fight back. We need your moral and financial support. Consider tipping your landlord and donating any spare hundred dollar notes you have to your local millionaire in need.

Go on, show that great Australian spirit and stand shoulder to shoulder with the rich, it’s the only way to maintain this clearly perfect status quo.


Andrew Bolt

News Corp columnist and decorated Culture War Hero

(This post was originally for The Chaser Weakly newsletter)

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