Yes23 reconsiders push for corporate support after Qantas loses all the Yes pamphlets in transit

Campaigners at Yes23 have questioned the Labor government’s focus on bringing in corporate support for the referendum after Qantas accidentally lost the bags holding all the Yes pamphlets.

“Some of the expert organisers think we should focus on talking to confused voters,” said Anthony Albanese, “but that doesn’t sound like something my pr team could turn into a social media post, so I wanted to go bigger.”

“And after a chat in the Qantas chairman’s lounge with the CEO over some light caviar, we thought why would we invest in Yes23’s grass roots campaigns when he can write the word ‘Yes’ on planes for people living in the sky to read? Of course, this hasn’t happened yet because the flights have been indefinitely delayed.”

“We’ve teamed up with some of the most hated brands in the country, like Qantas and the big supermarket chains that keep jacking up prices to make sure that people can see that big brands support the voice. Well they will see that once Qantas finds the pamphlets, they say they think they might have gone on the wrong flight but honestly who knows with them?”

In response, Yes23 campaigners have taken a break from their door knocking and public events to say, “look if we they are going to focus on brands that support the voice, can they at least focus on the Matildas instead of Qantas who are famous for losing things?”

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