“The Liberal Party wants to stop the division and address the issues Indigenous Australians face” claims guy who opposes every attempt at closing the gap

Alleged “not a monster” Peter Dutton has put out a statement following the nation’s rejection of the Voice to Parliament.

The leader of opposing said that despite campaigning for no, he and the Liberal Party are against division and want to ‘address the issues Indigenous Australians face’. This before clarifying that he will continue to oppose any attempt t0 try close the gap.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that I don’t hate Yes voters,” he said, “as currently I am only polling at 25% and so I will take any help I can get.”

“But more importantly I want to say, I am not against helping our First Nations people. I am just against giving them a voice, addressing any of the royal commission findings into these issues or even saying sorry to them.”

“Now if anyone has any solutions that involve sending the police or locking them up in Nauru, I would be all ears.”


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