Support for a republic reaches all time high

Support for an Australian republic has quickly peaked with Aussies wanting revenge after the Matildas lost to the poms in the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final.

“How dare they make our Queens upset?” yelled one former royalist. “Fuck those poms and their fake royalty, leave our queens alone!”

“Let’s see who has the last laugh when we leave your silly monarchy. It’ll be the red card moment some of your players deserved.”

Australians have already begun work trying to pick out their future President with top choices being Sam Kerr, Hayley Raso, Courtney Vine, Mackenzie ‘The Wall’ Arnold or literally any of the other members of the team.

Some experts have also suggested that the country seize this opportunity to change our national anthem to the Matildas’ team song ‘Strawberry Kisses’ by Nikki Webster, “it’s a far better anthem than the one we have.”

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