Rich people who claim to be ‘representing the real working class’ weirdly mad at idea of letting working class people relax after work

Leader of Opposing Peter Dutton has appeared in Parliament today to try and stop the evil unions working with Labor and the Greens from allowing the working class to disconnect and not respond to their bosses emails when they aren’t being paid to.

“The modern Liberal Party is the party of the worker,” he said, “and that is why I support making sure workers are forced to be available to work 24/7. Workers are best when they are made to never allowed to not be workers.”

“Working 9 till 5 is woke nonsense. Lazy entitled people think that the workers should be allowed to do other things with their day, but only the Coalition understands that the average quiet Australian worker loves rushing to respond to texts from their bosses at 3am.”

“The elites say workers should have rights, but I know the workers like to be jesters who dance on the command of rich people. Just the other day I even saw a working class person while she cleaned my office, before I had her fired for trying to look me in the eye.”

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