National Anti-Corruption Commission rules that some corruption is cool actually

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has announced that they will not investigate any of the referrals given to them from the Robo-debt Royal Commission, deciding instead that some corruption is totally cool actually.

“What you want us to investigate every bit of corruption that there is evidence of?” said a representative for the commission. “This is the first major case we are dealing with and we want to set the precedent that some corruption is fine, you know as a little treat for the politicians.”

“Do you know how much evidence we were sent about Robo-debt? Investigating that would be way too much work. What’s worse government corruption or forcing people to do paperwork?”

“Sure the victims of Robo-debt may have felt immense stress, many of them dying because of it, but what about the stress we would get from doing our job?”

The NACC said that with all the time they are going to save by not even bothering to look into Robo-debt, they will be able to get to work finding other corruption to completely turn a blind eye to.

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