Local Aussie on social media pretends he’s never complained about 40 degree heat

Australians nationwide have taken to social media this week to condemn Britain for complaining about temperatures hitting 40°, stating that you never hear anything in Australia when temperatures hit that level, if you ignore all the complaining we do. “What are they whinging about? It’s just normal weather,” said one Australian who’s spent the last month grumbling about it being 14 degrees. “Why don’t those Poms just suck it up and just get on with life in 40 degree heat, like I don’t?” “All these Brits offering safety tips, not us Aussies, we just see 40 degrees as perfect barbie weather. I mean sure, I have never had a barbie at that heat cause fuck that, but us Aussies, we love the heat. It’s basically jumper weather once you turn on the aircon.” Meanwhile, British social media users have begun mocking Australians who are constantly complaining about rain and cold weather over the past few months by posting memes that refer to torrential rain and snow as ‘shorts and flip-flops’ weather.

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