Liberal Party to preference One Nation over own Sense of Humanity in next election

In an unsurprising move, the Liberal Party have decided to preference Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party over both The Nationals and their own sense of humanity in the upcoming WA election. Arthur Sinodinos, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, says the Liberal party is hoping to preference their sense of humanity fourth, after One Nation, the Nationals and Donald Trump. Mr Sinodinos told The Chaser the Liberal Party will be happy to support whatever party has the votes, irrespective of what they stand for. “We’ll preference anyone at this point. We’d even preference Satan if he had enough supporters in South Australia, and he’s certainly getting there.” “We do want keep the Labor party out of power, but we are also focused on keeping any sense of humanity out of our government altogether.” Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, added when asked about the deal. “One Nation may be known for their racist policies and blatant anti-intellectualism, but what really swings more votes: One Nation or a sense of humanity? We’ll be preferencing One Nation for as long as we need to.” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has roundly criticised the Liberal preference deal, and said Labor would only ever preference One Nation after every single millionaire in Toorak. Cory Bernardi told The Chaser his new conservative party are planning to preference Hatred and Racism for most seats in the lower house.

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