‘Let those who haven’t kicked a handcuffed man off a cliff cast the first stone’ by Peta Credlin

Australian journalism has reached a new low this week as woke journalists dance around acting like they were somehow vindicated by winning the lawsuit brought by the allegedly flawed hero Ben Roberts-Smith.

If you read any of their articles, you will see that they are trying to paint him as a ‘murderer’ and a ‘war criminal’ just for committing multiple murders and war crimes. As if we haven’t all made tiny whoopsie mistakes while at work.

It’s my feeling based on talking to other Sky News hosts and those who view my show, that the entire of Australia’s public are on his side. He is a hero and role model to everyone; from Kerry Stokes to other bloody-thirsty war criminals.

Honestly, who are we to judge a man who wore a racist symbol on his uniform? I mean, who hasn’t done that? I say let those who haven’t kicked a handcuffed man off a cliff before telling others to shoot him cast the first stone! I’ll wait.

We all know that those out of touch journalists and SAS soldiers who spoke against Roberts-Smith have no idea what it’s like to be in war; and none of them know what it’s like to bury trophies of your war crimes in a Dora lunch box.

None of us know the mental toll that shooting handcuffed prisoners in the head, crashing a car into a cliff while trying to shoot a stray dog or even machine gunning down a man before drinking out of his prosthetic leg would have on a person. Only Roberts-Smith has seen all the horrific, illegal and inhumane acts that he committed.

Plus, Some of the SAS soldiers who testified against him said he ordered them to commit war crimes, which would also make them war criminals. Would you really trust the word of a war criminal? I don’t think so.

Legally, I need to say that none of this is to say that murdering civilians and prisoners is a good thing to do, just that as a wise man once said while in Afghanistan, “You know… Shit happens.”

If only that wise man was still in charge, like he should be, he probably would have knighted Roberts-Smith.

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