“He can never be trusted again!” Media outraged after Dutton ‘breaks promise’ on not supporting changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts

Australia’s media have become outraged, releasing article after article after Peter Dutton has ‘broken a promise’ by supporting the proposed changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts that he spent weeks saying he would never support.

“He can never be trusted again!” wrote the ‘independent’ editors of every News Corp outlet simultaneously. “He claims that times have changed and this measure is better than actively making the inflation crisis worse, but what about his word? What is more important as a leader, doing the right thing or never changing stance just so you can say you didn’t change stance?”

“This is about basic leadership,” said the Channel 9 editorial team, “how will the public react to finding out that this so-called leader reckons that not blindly following through on your promise because doing so would make the cost of living crisis worse is in any way excusable? He should be forced to apologise tot he people and step down from leadership immediately!!”

The ABC has announced they will be remaining ‘neutral’ on the matter of whether this ‘broken promise’ will be the worst thing that has ever happened in politics, which means that they have booked multiple interviews with politicians to grill them on just the idea of breaking a promise and give absolutely no insight into potential nuances or policy issues. Explaining that, “this is what journalism is all about.”

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