Government that calls unemployed people ‘lazy’ plans just 10 days of work before August

The Morrison government has today revealed their plan for parliamentary sitting days for next year, announcing that they will be putting a particular focus on cracking down on lazy dole bludgers if they can fit it into the 10 days they’ve allocated to turn up to work next year.

“Those lazy good-for-nothings don’t even want to work, they just want to spend their lives leaching off the taxpayer,” said one centrelink recipient when asked about the government. “In this country people have to work hard to get money. I work tirelessly to find a job and am living in poverty, but they get some of the highest pay for politicians in the world and don’t even bother to show up.”

“Even when they do turn up to work, they spend half their time on their phones. It’s no wonder they can’t find full time employment.”

While some criticised the good-for-nothing inhuman trash that are our elected officials for bludging on taxpayer dime, others have questioned how they plan to use the taxpayer money.

“This might sound insensitive but you just can’t trust people like that,” said Abby, a young person who lost their job during the pandemic. “Plus you know they’ll just blow that money on drugs, alcohol and all the other criminal activities people like that get up to. Do we really want that class of people having access to taxpayer money?”


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