Frydenberg to trial ‘Tax Cuts for the Rich’ as a potential cure for Covid-19

Treasurer and guy has spent the last few weeks sitting alone eating from a tub of ice-cream whilst crying along to ACDC, Josh Frydernberg has today announced his new plan to fix the coronavirus crisis by funding research into the use of ‘Tax Cuts for the Rich’ as a potential cure. Mr Frydernberg announced the government is already in talks with companies their mates own about taking on the task to finally cure the disease using the same ‘cure’ the treasurer uses for every issue he faces. The treasurer took time out away from his day-to-day work of avoiding answering any journalists’ questions to speak with us earlier today. “Why hasn’t any of these so-called ‘experts’ thought to use tax cuts sooner?” said the rich man, “If we take in less money from those with the most disposable income it will surely cure this disease, it helps the rest of our lives. Experts claim that curing Covid-19 is extremely complex and needs to be done in a way that will work for a long time. But experts also claimed that government budgeting is hard but I found that simple. Red equals bad and is always Labor’s fault. If I can figure that out, I can figure this Coronavirus thing out.” Mr Frydenberg was not done there, he also suggested other issues that cutting the taxes for the richest people will solve.

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