Budget 2023-2024: “No landlord left behind”

The Labor Government have delivered their first ‘full budget’, one year after being elected into parliament showing commitment to their election promise of ‘No landlord left behind’.

“Around Australia our landlords are doing it tough,” said a teary eyed Treasurer Chalmers, “but when we came into government we came in promising to help them where they need it most. That is why we are honoured to announce that we are investing in private landlords wanting to profit on new rentals, as well as giving them a tax cut. They really need it right now.”

“You know, Albo has experience doing it tough as a landlord with multiple properties, so we know how hard it is for these people. I mean things have gotten so bad for him that he is now back in government housing.”

“And to the renters, unemployed people, disabled people and all the others doing it tough; just know you are nobodies and as such we are ok with leaving you behind in sacrifice for a surplus… and submarines… and tax cuts for the rich.”


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