Berejiklian stands firm on decision to constantly change her mind

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has again confirmed her stance to stand firm and change her mind on measures to reduce the growing community spread of the Covid-19 virus in NSW. She said she had initially wanted to constantly change her mind on the measures NSW was taking, but she had instead changed her mind and decided to stand firm. “I will not mandate masks on public transport in the Greater Sydney area, however, if you are seen to be mask-free in confined spaces police are authorised to issue fines. I will stand behind the police on this matter 100%, except in circumstances where that is, or is not, appropriate.” This builds on her previous strong stance on allowing Victorians to visit NSW during holidays “I will not close the border,” she said shortly before she closed the border. This echoes her earlier clear and unequivocal position on the closing of schools when the Covid-19 crisis started earlier this year: ‘Schools are the safest places to be, but only if there’s no one there.’ Experts today congratulated Gladys on her continued efforts to remain a firm but unfirm leader during this trying time. Update: since this was published five minutes ago, Berekiklian has reversed her decision. More to come.

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