Ben Roberts-Smith launches appeal after realising court case will cost him an arm and leg

Former decorated now desecrating soldier Ben Roberts-Smith has appealed a federal court decision to pay legal costs of his defamation case after the result meant he no longer had the ability to brutalise foreign nationals for money.

“These costs are completely unfair, how was I supposed to know launching defamation proceedings against three major media companies would end up costing so much!” he said outside Sydney Airport. “I thought suing a news company for reporting factual information would be a shoe in. I know fact-wise I didn’t have a leg to stand on in the first place but now that the shoes on the other foot I guess I’ll have to leg it to Bali to see if I can get some boots on the ground”

Mr Roberts-Smith has said the consequences of being revealed as a bullying, lying war criminal have been devastating to his life. “I keep looking for work just to try and get a foot in the door but everyone else just seems to have a leg up.”

“The only place people leave me alone is the gym,” he said. “I never skip leg day.”

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