“The media ruined my life,” claims guy who had a year of rent paid by Channel 7

As the defamation trial that alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann chose to bring forward continues, Lehrmann has admitted that Channel 7 has been paying his rent for an entire year despite previous assertions that no payment had been made for the interview he did with the network.

The admission that 7 was paying reportedly $2,500 a week for a lavish apartment was made while Lehrmann tries to prove to the courts that his life has been ruined by the media.

“The media has completely ruined my life,” said Lehrmann trying to force a tear, “I mean they are only paying for a three bedroom apartment with a waterfront view. I don’t even have a personal jacuzzi or servant. I am slumming it because of them.

“This revelation is proof of how unfair the systems truly are,” said one legal expert, “it’s just so disappointing to see. I mean, who would possibly think this is a good idea, to associate themselves with Channel 7.”

In response to the testimony, Former Attorney-General Christian Porter predicted that the case will end as yet another “humiliating step down” by the media.

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