Teens call for social media to be banned for politicians, “it’s to protect society from how annoying their posts are”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has supported calls from News Corp and Nova FM to ban teens under 16 from using social media. A stance they all coincidentally took the moment the boss of Nova, News Corp and the Australian government, Lachlan Murdoch stopped being handed free money by social media platforms.

Teenagers around the country have responded to the Prime Minister’s announcement by instead calling for the ban of all politicians and their staffers from social media, mainly to stop them from posting some of the worst posts on the internet.

“We need to be thinking about what is best for humanity,” said 14 year old Jimmy after clocking off work only to be told he is too young to watch any YouTube video, “these people are hurting our community with their cringe posts and it’s about time we acted.”

“It should be illegal for any political staffer to ever try make a meme. From the awful Instagram memes they clearly made on Canva, to their TikToks where they think we find them cool; the damage these annoying losers are doing to the minds of everyone trying to enjoy social media has gone too far.”

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