R U OK day not going well at palace

Awkward scenes have emerged at Buckingham Palace today, after the annual ‘R U OK?’ lunch got off to a rocky start. “I actually think it went pretty well,” said HR rep Samantha gleefully, “Everyone I asked just burst straight into tears and as an empath I could tell that clearly something has been getting to them that they needed off their chest.” However, Samantha says she was not pleased with department head Elizabeth for not turning up to the event, stating that she will be forced to write up Her Majesty for not taking her health seriously. “I went and checked on her, and she was like ‘no I’m not ok, I need help’.” explained Samantha. “So, I helped her the way I helped everyone else – by smiling, nodding, and then telling them to look at the website.” “I really hope it made a difference.”

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