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‘Pro-Bono’ lawyer clarifies he just meant that he is a big fan of U2

Awkward scenes as local ‘Pro-Bono’ lawyer Jerry Fakeman has been forced to clarify to a potential client that he just means that he is a massive fan of the band U2.

Mr Fakeman said that his love for the started a decade ago when he was the only person in the world thankful for the ‘gift’ of an album being forced onto their iPod. This obsession has since led him to brand his entire legal practice as the ‘Pro-Bono lawyer, helping you get the Edge.’

“I don’t get why everyone keeps thinking that my services would be free up front?” said Jerry. “Why would my love of the album The Joshua Tree have any affect on how I am as a lawyer?”

“Whenever this mix-up happens, they keep telling me that my advertising is apparently ‘confusing’ and ‘not how you run a business’. But I always say that I will continue running the firm how I like, with or without you.”

“Regrettably, every time they do end up just choosing the ‘without’ option. If things don’t turn around soon, I might have to start saying that all I want is you.”

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