“Poorly written and filled with factual errors”, News Corp’s new ai written articles massively improving editorial standards

Following News Corp’s announcement that over 3,000 of their recent local news articles were written by ai in a bid to save money, experts have reviewed the articles describing them as ‘poorly written’ and ‘filled with factual errors’. Finding that overall these articles are a vast improvement over their regular editorial output.

“How can any supposed news outlet be ok with publishing these articles?” asked one researcher. “I mean the formatting is horrible, the sentences are bizarrely written and the basis of the pieces couldn’t be further from the truth; but enough about Andrew Bolt’s column.”

“These ai written ones are also a mess and a complete spit in the face to any community whose only choice for local reporting is News Corp and used to have actual local reporters. But still this ai is massively out-performing anything written by a Sky News. Not only is the ai a better writer, it seems to have way more empathy than say a Peta Credlin for example, so it does seem to be improving the editorial standards overall.”

Sources from the global cabal of evil villains told The Chaser that they have no plans to replace the rest of their workforce with the ai explaining that, “the technology just isn’t ready. We haven’t been able to can’t get this thing to be as authentically racist as our opinion pieces.”

“Plus, it is terrible at coming up with conspiracy theories or ways to influence and control democracies around the world. Look, we can overlook inaccurate local news articles, but those things are at the very core of our ethos as a news company.”

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