Police begin efforts to track down attendees of white supremacist march and offer them a job

Representatives for Victorian Police have responded to community concerns following a white supremacist march in Ballart, with the police commissioner saying they will do everything they can to track down the masked neo-Nazis and offer them a spot on the force.

“We are looking for any information people might have regarding those who attended the recent neo-Nazi march,” said a representative for the police, “we simply want to question them about the events and whether they are looking for a cool job where they can shoot people.”

“We have seen community concerns raised about the Nazi salute and white supremacist chants they were shouting and we are concerned too. Concerned about when their availability is and whether they need training in order to attack unarmed people of colour or tase an old lady with a walker to death?”

“We would have tracked them down already but we were preoccupied with trying to find and arrest a bunch of school students who were protesting against climate change. Well we also strip-searched them too but that wasn’t for any official reasons.”

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