Peter van Onselen takes break from smearing dead victim to cry about cancel culture

Professional hole digger, Peter van Onselen has tonight decided to take a break from his regular smearing of the recently deceased victim of a historical alleged rape to complain about how cancel culture is being really mean to him on Twitter for ‘no reason whatsoever’. “The way that people online are attacking me shows a complete lack of respect and basic empathy,” said the man who ignored the wishes of the deceased family not to name the victim, “it is really awful how you all are treating me. It is this egotistical rubbish that is not good for public discourse about whether bipolar people could have a history of trauma in their life or whether they are just liars trying to ruin my friend’s life.” “How is me leaking the dossier in order to attack the victim any different to the ABC talking to the family and friends of the victim in order to hear their side of the story?” asked the foundation Chair of Journalism at University of WA. “I swear the culture wars have gone too far on this one. They have really overstepped the mark with their response to just one article, two weeks worth tweets and multiple TV and radio appearances, where I imply the dead victim is lying. That hardly seems to warrant any sort of outrage. “Although maybe the public have just had some memories implanted in their brain like in that book I keep pointing to by a convicted child predator. Who cares if experts debunked it, those same ones say what I am doing is dangerous.” “This has all taken a real toll on my mental health, and mental health issues are a serious issue when they happen to me or my friends. However if they happen to a woman with accusations against me or my boys that is a sign of a weak liar who can’t be trusted. Maybe cancel her instead since the real victims here are me and Christian.”

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