NSW teachers open gun club in Wagga in attempt to secure more funding from politicians

After a day of protests around NSW, the NSW’s Teacher’s Union have tonight announced a drastic new plan to secure more funding by announcing the opening of a new gun range in Wagga Wagga. “It’s clearly a service that the government thinks is desperately needed,” said Ms Taylor who normally spends her days trying to get 30 teenagers to give a shit about math. “What I do just isn’t that important I guess. What I should be teaching is how to shoot clay disks flying in the sky. That’s the priority.” Teachers are not the only ones taking drastic measures to secure funding in NSW, as bus drivers have also today announced their plans to build a range of women’s changerooms at ovals across the country, and train drivers have pooled their money together and purchased land near Sydney airport which they plan to sell of at an extremely high profit margin. In response to today’s strikes, parents around NSW have offered to protest alongside their kids’ teachers in a bid to never have to home school their kid again.

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